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I started out in this world of hair and nail design in 2001. Cosmetology was a fit for my creativity.  Being  creative, inspired, and having fun while making money? Sign me up!

While in cosmetology, I had an instructor who pushed me harder than anyone has.  She was seeing my potential, doing her job of pushing me out of my box and helping me become more creative.  She helped me grow in my passion and inspired me to keep learning.  Her words: “If you ever start to think you have learned it all, pack up your stuff, you’re done.”  At the end of the year, she offered me a job in her salon, where I grew as a hair stylist and nail designer.  I’m living the dream of being a part of a creative team, meeting new people, and building lasting relationships, all while getting to express my individuality.
In my free time … Who am I kidding, I have 3 boys.  My world revolves around those three.  I hope to share with them my love of making the world a little more colorful.  I am watching them become strong-willed young men who will make a huge difference in a world that’s not always sunshine and rainbows.

Start with you and make it what you dream!


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